This film is going to hit the screens after exactly 13 years.

Story Highlights

  • Avatar
  • James Cameron

Avatar movie is something that has attracted everyone in a big way. So far no film has broken the box office collection of this film. The second part of the much-hyped Avatar is slated to hit the screens by the end of this year. Apart from that, the teaser and trailer of the film have been released. It has caught the attention of many.

This film is going to hit the screens after exactly 13 years. The film Avatar has a huge fanbase. The film is slated to hit the screens later this year on December 16. The trailer of this film is very impressive. Let’s see what this trailer looks like.

It is clear that the director of this film, James Cameron, has given this trailer so as not to reveal the story as much as possible. The scenes and visual effects in this film are very grand. Half of the scenes of this film are shot under the sea. The underwater simulation shown here makes you feel like you are actually under the sea. It seems that James Cameron has put a lot of effort into this film.


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